In cooperation with local producers

Guarantee of natural flavors

In Royal Bistro, we strive to offer as many foods and drinks as possible to our guests in cooperation with local producers. When selecting a partner, only the best ones can be discussed, this is the guarantee of high quality.

Szélessy Ranch

The Szélessy Estate is one of the most prominent producers in the region, where Angus cattle and swallowtail mangalicas are fed with localy grown chemical-free forage and are allowed to live freely. 

Stress-free cutting and first-class processing insures quality, which makes the meat of animals living here a typical basis of our kitchen.

The fresh Aberdeen Angus and the swallowtail Hungarian mangalica provide unique and distinctive flavors that make our restaurant exclusive in the region.

KROIS Brewery

KROIS Brewery offers three high-quality local craft beer to our restaurant. The AVISO, BLACK UNICORN and KLASSIK beers have all their unique flavours.

The KROIS Brewery from Fertőrákos uses only high quality commodity, they have their self-developed recipes, are always paying attention to the production, to make sure their beer is a high quality result of this work. From 2018, KROIS Brewery offers three high-quality local handicrafts for our restaurant:

  • AVISO is a hop heavy American Pale Ale with a balanced bitterness and a distinctive fruity-citrus flavor.
  • BLACK UNICORN is a great clean dry stout, pleasantly coffee tasting, dry-cut black beer. Good hops and good darkness.
  • KLASSIK is an unfiltered German-style Pilz beer. The malt and yeast flavors come to the fore which is filled by tettnanger hop to achieve harmony.

1csepp pálinka

The 'CSEPP PÁLINKA from Hegykő produces pálinka with care and humility. After renovating the 100 year old "Masinaház", they are using the most modern techniques (but always with respect for pálinka traditions) to produce their high quality, competition winner Pálinka.

Quote from producer:

"We consider ourselves as a non-industrial, hand-crafted gastronomy company. Our customers are from really big range as we have contracts with the local restaurants and hotels, but we are transferring our products to Budapest as well.
We always try to handle the fruits with the utmost humility and constantly and we keep training ourselves to ensure that our knowledge is as deep and extensive as it is possible.

Our results justify our effort, as we have 38 gold medals (including 10 Champion winners). Our most prestigious achievement is the title of "Best Pálinka in Hungary" achieved in 2015 by the Zenit Grape-Kései meggy coupling. We can prudly say, the customers can only find perfect pálinka in our 1CSEPP bottles."

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